Because of the outbreak of wars and deadly diseases, many countries in Africa especially in West Africa have lost their Social and Economic balance. At the same time, the standard of Education is at its lowest standard. The Dignity, Integrity and Credibility of Women and Children have been stripped off from them. The hardship and the lack of a means of survival have made Women and Children become more vulnerable and very easy to be exploited as Commercial Sex Workers and or Child Labour.

Most recently, after the Ebola outbreak in West Africa namely Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, Women and Children’s vulnerability have increased further. Juvenile Pregnancy increased, Child Parents multiplied and so on and so forth. Women and Children are faced with embarrassment day in and day out just to make ends meet Many of these Women and Children have been stigmatized within their Societies. The Commercial Sex Workers lack social skills and knowledge. They also lack the ability to participate in their own social wellbeing. Their Commercial Sex work has exposed them to the use of harsh drugs and their use of these harsh drugs has made them to be insensitive hence the lack of rational to act correctly.

Furthermore, because the Commercial Sex Workers could no longer take care of themselves and their Children because of the effect of the harsh drugs they take, that have put them in a position of not been conscious of what is around them hence rendering them unfit to take good care of themselves and their Children. Commercial Sex Workers, Single Parents and their Children have a very dark future if adequate attention is not given to them. It is to this note that we decided to establish the SUPPORT FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION (SFWACI).

This Organization is in the position to give vulnerable Women and Children a future of hope through creative arts skills so as to enable them take control of their future. The SUPPORT FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL (SFWACI) is in a position to remedy this unfortunate situation facing our young Women and Children. The core principles and values of this Organization are:-

To raise the Awareness, Defend, Uplift and help these vulnerable Women and Children to regain their Dignity, Credibility and Integrity within their Societies

To prepare generations now and next for the good and the better in equal level of understanding and knowledge to push them forward. This shall enable them contribute to the development of both themselves and their societies.

This Organization is striving to give these vulnerable Women and Children Education and other forms of social learning skills through our creative centers and vocational institutes that we intend build as an alternative to a second chance in life. This shall enable them sustain themselves in the future.

The Organization will also provide Micro Loan Schemes to these Women to start up their business. This will help re-instate their Dignity, Credibility, Integrity, Performance and Competence to raise their own Children and to contribute into Society correctly.

In this vein therefore, we have decided to look for partners to support this drive. We believe humanity should always be Uplifted, Defended, Protected, Guided, Promoted and Sustained to maintain balance in Social Education and Economic Business. This is why Micro Credit or Soft Loan Schemes is needed to boost these vulnerable people to enable them to contribute in the growth of their communities.