Membership of the Organization shall be open to everybody regardless of background and religion.

Types Of Members

Types of members of the Organization shall include Disable people, Less Fortunate and Orphaned Children, Child soldiers, Commercial sex workers etc. Any disability service Organization wishing to become a member shall be welcome and they shall become full members of SUPPORT FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL (SFWACI). Membership fees may be set by the Organization’s Executive Board but shall not be less than that specified by the disability service Organization and Societies Board.


Every Member, Woman and Child has their rights no matter who they are or where they live. These include the right to Education, Protection and Survival. Nearly every government in the world has promised to Protect, Respect and fulfill these rights, yet everyday they are still violated.

The world’s first declaration of Women and Children’s rights was written by save the children’s founder, Eglantyne Jebb, in 1923. Jebb’s declaration formed the basis for the United Nations Convention on the rights of Women and Children. Almost every country in the world has signed up to the United Nation’s Convention on the rights of Women and Children but many still fail to prioritize and protect Women and Children.

Women and Children around the world face Poverty, Diseases, Discrimination and Exploitation every day. Many are out of School; some are used as cheap labour or recruited as child soldiers into armed forces. Millions face danger as refugees and many have been separated from their families and relatives.

SUPPORT FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL (SFWACI) shall work to make Women and Children’s rights a reality through Education, Protection, Poverty and Health alleviation programs and we shall also push for Women and Children’s rights worldwide by: –

  • Ensuring that Women and Children’s view are heard by decision makers.
  • Campaigning to get Women and Children’s rights included in laws and policies.
  • Supporting Organizations that promote and protect Women and Children’s rights