As a sponsor, when you sponsor a Woman and a Child, you and your family will learn about life in communities completely different from what is known in Australia or in advanced parts of the world. Woman and child sponsorship is a fantastic way to introduce your children to some of the different hardships faced by Women and Children around the world.

As a Woman and Child sponsor you will support programs that give Women and Children what they need to survive while providing them with the ability to create a better future for themselves and their communities.

TRANSFORMING LIVES: – To make the greatest impact possible, your contributions are combined with those of other sponsors. Together you invest in community based programs designed to bring about sustainable improvements in Women and Children’s survival, well – being and development. This will help us achieve lasting positive outcomes for large numbers of Women and Children.

EMPOWERING THE NEXT GENERATION: – Women and Children sponsors help build the skills of Women and Children, Families and Community Leaders to create lasting change for future generations. With your support, The SUPPORT FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN INTERNATIONAL (SFWACI) team of experts will assist your sponsored Woman and Child’s Community to overcome Poverty and ensure the rights of Women and Children are met.

We shall work with communities until they are able to continue to improve their own lives. On the average, this happens after a period of about eight to ten years. With your support and encouragement, your sponsored Woman and Child and their community shall be ready to progress without us and inspire others just as you have them.