At Support For Women And Children International (SFWACI) we aim to provide a safe environment for all who attend our services and programs. When it comes to the current outbreak of Coronavirus 19, we believe it is important that we respond practically and wisely to minimise the spread of this disease.

We have considered the recommendations from the Australian Government and Department of Health. As a result, effective TUESDAY, 24th March 2020. All activities and programmes for Organization (SFWACI) has been cancelled until further notice.

Founder And Chief Executive’s Message

Because of the outbreak of wars and deadly diseases, many countries in Africa especially in West Africa have lost their Social and Economic balance. At the same time, the standard of Education is at its lowest standard. The Dignity, Integrity and Credibility of Women and Children have been stripped off from them. The hardship and the lack of a means of survival have made Women and Children become more vulnerable and very easy to be exploited as Commercial Sex Workers and or Child Labour.

Most recently, after the Ebola outbreak in West Africa namely Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea, Women and Children’s vulnerability have increased further. Juvenile Pregnancy increased, Child Parents multiplied and so on and so forth. Women and Children are faced with embarrassment day in and day out just to make ends meet…

Many of these Women and Children have been stigmatized within their Societies. The Commercial Sex Workers lack social skills and knowledge. They also lack the ability to participate in their own social wellbeing. Their Commercial Sex work has…Read More

We are on a mission to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats Women and Children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

  • To raise the Awareness, Defend, Uplift and help these vulnerable Women and Children to regain their Dignity, Credibility and Integrity within their Societies.
  • To prepare generations now and next for the good and the better in equal level of understanding and knowledge to push them forward.